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Why Buying Property in Noida Makes Sense
Why Buying Property in Noida Makes Sense


As a part of NCR and a large metropolis in its own right, for someone seeking to buy a new home investing in property in Noida is almost a no brainer. The city has great connectivity with New Delhi and a large number of builders in Noida offer homes to suit almost any potential home buyer.


Property in Noida, though not necessarily cheap, may still be more affordable than that found in other parts of the National Capital Region and of a quality that is just as good as or even better than some other parts of the capital.

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One of the top builders in Noida, Jaypee Group has constructed high quality residential projects though many of these may not be in the budget of the average home buyer.  However with a large number of real estate companies offering affordable housing in Noida, there may never be shortage of affordable flats in Noida and Noida Extension.


For a young man or women seeking to invest in Noida and in his or her own future many builders are offering 1 BHK flat in Noida Extension for only 13 Lakhs the unit consists of 470 square feet with one bath. For someone with a low level of commitment but who is still in a position to invest in flats in Noida this may be the ideal opportunity as one could buy now and sell in the future making a tidy profit.


There is no shortage of residential property in Noida, with a large number of sectors consisting almost entirely of residential homes and with flats catering to young and old occupants combined with the construction of new projects in Noida the city has a bright future ahead of itself.


As in other parts of NCR there is an abundance of luxury flats in Noida, although similar properties in other parts of the capital may be less expensive. Among top builders in Noida catering to luxury home buyers Jaypee stands out, the Kalypso Court in Noida Extension offers 5 bedroom 6500 square feet apartment for the discerning buyer. Other good quality builders in Noida Extension include Omaxe and ATS Infrastructure who also offer luxury flats in the city.


Property in Noida is far more diverse than many other parts of the National Capital Region, although there are few super luxury developments as in other regions of the capital there are vibrant new projects in Noida Extension which may one day challenge the likes of Gurgaon or even New Delhi itself.


Because Noida is older than its cousin city Gurgaon with a constant influx of new citizens it rate of expansion has been greater. To be a part of this upward property trend Noida Expressway may be an attractive destination for home buyers. With reputed builders and developers in Noida like Supertech offering 4 BHK and 4200 square foot apartments in this part of the city, the Noida Expressway connecting Noida with Greater Noida may be a good reason to buy property in Noida and to live in your home.


On the surface flats in Noida may not appear to be a good place to buy a home compared to some other destinations around the Capital region. However for the price and quality they offer they are still an attractive place to live.