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Upcoming Projects in Gurgaon
Upcoming Projects in Gurgaon

In looking at upcoming projects in Gurgaon a buyer may very likely find it possible to own property in the city available at a more affordable price than if they were to glance at property that has already been constructed. Although not all upcoming projects in Gurgaon are inexpensive and even the least expensive of such projects would likely cost well over 30 lakhs, considering the location and the penalty for entering the property market in the city late, buying among upcoming projects in Gurgaon may well make the price of such new developments one worth paying.

An erratic yet potentially great investment location for buyers keen to own property in Gurgaon is Sector 103. The price for homes here has virtually plummeted since October of last year and now stands at an average of approximately 4,750 rupees per square foot falling from over 5,500 rupees per square foot. Most would consider the price of property at the location to be undervalued as the sheer fall in prices occurred over a time period of a single month and could be the result of larger term macroeconomic trends rather than a genuine loss in value of property in the locality.

The drop in price at the locality is also likely related to the general dismal outlook in the price of property all across the country and does not pertain to any unsuitability of the location as a destination for homebuyers. The price of property at Sector 103 is very unlikely to fall any further and the real estate prices here have in all probability bottomed out.

A buyer new to the market who wishes to own flats in Gurgaon yet does not necessarily have the large funds necessary to make a huge real estate investment may be best suited to own a 1 BHK flat at Sector 103. At a cost of just below 40 lakhs a buyer could find himself to be the owner of a new Gurgaon property expected to be completed by November of this year. At a size of just over 550 square feet and an affordable price, such an apartment would enable a newcomer to Gurgaon’s property market to gain a foothold in the city.

The vast numbers of upcoming projects in Gurgaon at Sector 103 are far larger and far more expensive than the 1 bedroom flat mentioned above. One would be hard pressed to find a 3 bedroom apartment here for under 1 crore, there are none! Sector 103 is the backdrop of numerous new projects in Gurgaon and most homes in these new projects cost more than 1 crore. As yet there are few completed developments in this part of the city hence it is a new sector but is surrounded by better developed sectors with better social infrastructure.

What makes Sector 103 an attractive destination for investors are the relatively low prices for apartments when compared to similarly sized apartments in other parts of the city, 3 and 4 bedroom flats here could be yours for slightly more than 2 crores and many are priced lower as well, and also prices are likely to rise as the sector advances in providing basic amenities. Sector 103 is a new sector as the majority of the developments here are yet to be completed, once completed however Sector 103 promises to be an attractive location to live.