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Shining New Super luxury Apartments in gurgaon
Shining New Super luxury Apartments in gurgaon

For buyer on the lookout for super luxury apartments in Gurgaon there may be no time like the present. Nearly every real estate expert believes that the price of property in Gurgaon has bottomed out and there are great times ahead for those with the cash and a willingness to splurge on luxury homes in Gurgaon. Doing so at this time means making a fantastic return on your investment, although those who can afford to spend money luxury apartments in Gurgaon certainly are not hurting for money, a great investment and a fantastic return on the same however has never hurt anyone’s sentiments.

Among residential projects in Gurgaon, those on Golf Course Road hold an unparalleled status when it comes to luxury, prestige and snobbery. Residents who own property in Gurgaon at Golf Course Road are often inclined to look down from their high rise apartments at the bungalows of South Delhi residents, any many do so openly. The fact that the price of real estate in Gurgaon has largely stabilized signals good times ahead for prospective buyers of luxury homes in Gurgaon who if they invest in some projects are likely to see a significant return on their investment sooner rather than later.

The prestige of owing property at Golf Course Road in Gurgaon is so great that families with large homes in Vasant Vihar are likely to sell their property at the posh South Delhi locality to be able to buy a home at an upmarket development on Golf Course Road. Now such buyers of high living and high status may have another reason for do as well. As the location of several new upcoming projects in Gurgaon there is no shortage of homes for buyers looking for one on Golf Course Road. One such project though might outshine all the rest however. The new project in Sector 53 offers a standard of living perhaps unmatched as yet by most others in the city.

With only four apartments per floor and facilities such a pool which looks something out of Malaysian resort, a world class gym, a large deck, an open air restaurant within the development, as well the other usual bells and whistles such as spa and sauna as well as a Jacuzzi, the new standard for luxury apartments in Gurgaon may have been raised upward by several notches. Wealthy residents with flats in Gurgaon in the future may have to contend with residents leaving and arriving by helicopter as some new developments are now equipped to handle such traffic.

Such new upcoming projects in Gurgaon located on Golf Course Road offer the chance to own high end property in Gurgaon with nearly 30,000 square feet of open area at the development below. Many term such developments as uber luxury developments and the builders in Gurgaon will likely trump even such developments sometime in the future, however unless they are able to construct an international airport on the premises of their next development the new development at Sector 53 on Golf Course Road is likely to remain among the most attractive places to own luxury apartments in Gurgaon.