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Residential Property in Thane sees a good Demand
Residential Property in Thane sees a good Demand

Mumbai known as the financial, commercial and entertainment capital of India enjoys the status of being the biggest real estate market in India. Reports reveal that Mumbai has witnessed continuous increase in prices after a lackluster of 2014 and 2015. The major reason for the price swing is the limited availability of land.


The continuous increase in demand and prices of properties has led to the rise of other satellite cities that lie on the periphery.   Thane, located on the north-eastern part of Mumbai, appears as a promising destination. Thane is a rapidly emerging part of the Mumbai-Metropolitan Region and has emerged as a hot investment destination backed by robust connectivity and excellent social infrastructure.


Factors that lure a good number of investors.

When opting to purchase a residential property, one of the main factors to consider is location. Mumbai and Navi Mumbai have proven to be favourable options. However, over the last few years, Thane has slowly made its mark in the field of prime real estate destinations. Plenty of real estate companies in Mumbai and Thane have taken advantage of this destination's potentiality to invest and build their projects. Thane West specially has a seen an abrupt growth of local as well as NRI property investment.  A significant increase in the demand of residential projects in Thane can also be seen.

Magnificent Residential Properties

Unlike Mumbai and Navi Mumbai, Thane has sufficient landscape to build more residential projects without affecting its current development or its green cover. Plenty of measures are taken to improve it. In addition to this, the government has sanctioned regulations that will help propagate the growth and success of further projects in the area. It would also contribute to the rise of NRI Property Investment in this destination. Thane property appears as a lucrative investment destination. Therefore, residents will enjoy the state of the art facilities and designs for future growth in the real estate sector.



Beautiful Green Cover

Thane is best known for its open spaciousness as well as its green cover. Although the real estate development is progressing here, the real estate companies in  Thane are taking precautions to ensure that lush green covers are preserved. In addition to this, plenty of real estate companies are encouraging a green thumb within the projects. Plenty of upcoming real estate projects have allotted spaces for in home flower beds and large gardens amongst many others. Hence residential projects in Thanenot only offer world class amenities but also soothes the residents with tranquility and greenery.



Robust connectivity

One of the main reasons why Thane property has become such a popular residential real estate destination is the connectivity. The strategic and well planned road network within this destination has connected to the arterial roads leading to Mumbai. This makes it easier for residents to travel and cut down the time woes.


The  Ghodbunder Road is one such infrastructure that has contributed to the increasing success of this destination. It is well connected to the western express highway as well as the eastern express highway. In addition to this, the upcoming monorail project which aims to connect this destination to Wadala is envisaged to boost the further connectivity in near future.