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Real Estate in Bangalore
Real Estate in Bangalore

Wherever it goes, the price of real estate value rises in its grace, localities welcome it and property in Bangalore too, no surprise, is charmed by its presence. This can only mean one thing in a city like Bangalore. The arrival of the metro line on the Byappanahalli-Mysore Road Line as with the arrival of the metro in all other parts of the country has already turned lukewarm 2 BHK flats in Bangalore which lay alongside it, into much desirable property in Bangalore.

The incredible opportunities which lay for real estate in Bangalore that lies alongside a metro line is likely to follow the same pattern as real estate in other parts of the country which has been given the Midas Touch upon close contact with a metro line. Regions of the city once thought distant and a daunting commute are today quickly within reach and comfortable to travel to. Once a part of a city has close access to a metro station it’s never the same and the same is true for real estate in Bangalore as for other Indian cities with localities close to a metro station.

Whereas as once government departments deliberated over the feasibility of a profitably running metro line, over time experience has shown time and time again, the common man’s preference for a well-connected metro line and the subsequent rise of property prices within proximity of the same. Now, not only will the builders and developers in Bangalore covet the regions within close range of the metro,  those already lucky enough to own property in Bangalore near a  station will find themselves able to demand a higher rate of rent from their tenants upon the renewal of their lease. More than likely, the same tenants will consider themselves lucky to be able to pay a little more to live where they do.

As the flats in Bangalore along the metro line begin to gradually demand a higher premium from buyers, investors and renters alike, they are also likely to be a source of great wealth creation in the country as well. Property at locations near the metro line will be preferred by those who need to make a daily commute to work and back.

Yet this effect of wealth of creation is likely to go on only till there are few locations which don’t have the privilege of access to a metro station. Once the metro line in the city is commonplace, the subsequent creation of greater connectivity arising due to a metro is likely to provide lower and lower returns to the increase in the value of Luxury apartment in Bangalore near a station. Though the positive effect of greater connectivity to a metro and the resultant rising prices for real estate in Bangalore is likely to continue for some time to come, once most regions of the city are well serviced by a metro, prices for property in Bangalore are more likely to be dictated by trends other than simple connectivity to the mass transit system.

The possibility that a greater number of new projects in Bangalore may be constructed in synthesis with the considerations of close proximity to a metro station could give rise to a new trend, one which may herald builders and developers in Bangalore to construct developments with fewer spaces allotted for parking and larger homes.