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Real estate in Ahmedabad Witnesses increasing dema
Real estate in Ahmedabad Witnesses increasing dema

residential projects in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad, the capital city of the state of Gujarat, also touted to be the seventh largest metropolis of India enjoys a robust realty market too. Ahmedabad is mostly known of its cultural ethos and magnetic charm. There are many other factors that have significantly contributed in the growth of real estate in Ahmedabad.


The capital value for the real estate here in terms of the residential property is any time affordable than many other cities or state in the country. This is the reason that a good number of buyers and end users are showcasing their interest to invest in Ahmedabad property.  Affordable housing scheme Ahmedabad has also brought  a fresh wave of positivity amongst the buyers.


The major highlight of real estate in Ahmedabad is the robust connectivity which the city enjoys. It is well connected, internally as well as externally through its elaborate transit systems which further unlocks its commercial value. Due to its strategic location, the city enjoys great access to Mumbai and Delhi via both the railway line and national highway. Presence of a good number of acclaimed educational institutes pull students crowd from every corner of our country. Besides educational institutions, the socio-physical infrastructure is also well within the reach. The city is well connected to road, rail and air.  Availability of  Ahmedabad Airport, railway lines  and bus-stands has made connectivity easier within and outside the city.

The presence of the  robust social infrastructure with a good number of hospitals, colleges and much more attracts the investors a well as end users.  Strategic location of residential properties are also driving investors towards real estate market in the city. Increased investment by NRIs and migrants has also spurred the value of Ahmedabad property

End-users: A whopping growth pace experienced in the industrial sector, backed with a significant increase in population has resulted in increased demand for housing in Ahmedabad.  The end-users are giving the required momentum to the property market of the city.  Luxury apartment in ahmedabad has given the required momentum to the real estate market in the city with a whopping demand. Due to migration of huge number of people into the city, increased job opportunities due to   presence of several giant IT firms,  multinational corporations and blue chip companies many people are looking forward to invest in Ahmedabad in property.

Captured below are two major residential hotspots in Ahmedabad.

SG Highway

Sarkhej-Gandhinagar (SG) Highway not only connects Ahmedabad to Gandhinagar but also offers excellent and uninterrupted connectivity to various parts of the city. In the present time, a spate of development both in industrial and residential sectors can be seen in the areas  located along this highway.

Property prices around SG highway is also expected to rise in near future and fetch greater returns.

Availability of several promising residential projects at affordable prices have also spurred the demand in this area.


Thaltej is touted to be one of the prime residential areas of Ahmedabad, situated in between SG Highway and Sardar-Patel (SP) Ring Road. The major highlights of this place are less traffic, peaceful environment and affordable prices. Situated away from the horn blares of the city, this place provide utmost serenity and tranquil living.

These two hotspots have greatly contributed in changing the demand dynamics of real estate in Ahmedabad.