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Real Estate in Ahmedabad
Real Estate in Ahmedabad

An increasingly popular destination at which to purchase real estate in Ahmedabad is Vaishnodevi Circle, the locality lies nearly central to both Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar and is a popular real estate destination for homebuyers keen to purchase apartments in Ahmedabad. As the locality is situated near the SG Highway which is itself the backdrop of a great deal of real estate development, Vaishnodevi Circle is center stage to a number of affordable upcoming projects in Ahmedabad.

For homebuyers with a limited budget, Vaishnodevi Circle offers the opportunity to own real estate in Ahmedabad priced close to 50 lakhs. Homebuyers here can purchase a 2 bedroom apartment for a little over 35 lakhs, the size of the flat in question is a little more than 1000 square feet and the value of the development housing the flats has already appreciated by 20 percent over the past 40 months.

Though many experts claim that real estate in Ahmedabad is driven largely by investors and less by end users, this dynamic may be slowly shifting in favor of end users as localities such as Vaishnodevi and others clustered around the SG Highway gain in prominence. Projects in Ahmedabad at and near the SG Highway offer buyers a wide variety of homes and much of the property in the locality is inexpensive and largely a good investment due to good connectivity with the large center of commerce Ahmedabad, and the seat of power and state capital Gandhinagar.

Vaishnodevi Circle scores encouragingly on the livability index and has good physical and social infrastructure making it an attractive and affordable destination for end users. As the locality is a node of the larger city, Vaishnodevi Circle may offer less variety to buyers keen to own luxury apartments in Ahmedabad. Though such developments are present at the locality and many units at such developments are priced as luxury apartments are expected to be priced, the locality may be better known as one more accommodative to buyers keen to own affordable apartments in Ahmedabad. However the scale of the luxury apartments at Vaishnodevi Circle deserves a special mention as much of the luxury apartments at the locality are spacious when compared to those priced similarly at many other developments across the country.

Perhaps the resilience of real estate in Ahmedabad is well reflected by the rise in the value of apartments at Vaishnodevi Circle, the same have appreciated in value by nearly 12% over the past 3 years and thought the rise in prices has been less  gradual, rather tending to sudden upward spurts in price, considering that it is a relatively inexpensive market with price per square foot at less than 3,500 rupees it may peek an interest among end users as well as speculators due to its widely acknowledged popularity as a upcoming real estate destination.

There are today over 20 development at Vaishnodevi Circle that are either completed or in various stages of development, the locality may be one of the few upcoming developments in Ahmedabad where there are a larger number of developments under construction than are currently standing. If real estate in Ahmedabad is a sellers’ market, then such a larger proportion of upcoming developments may bode well for the locality.