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Raise the Stakes of Luxury Apartments
Raise the Stakes of Luxury Apartments

affordable flats in noida extension

Anyone who thought that property in Noida was confined to largely serving middle class or upper middle class households may need a quick rethink. Noida today can boast of developments as luxurious as those at its sister city across the NCR. Despite being a far more informal locality and one with a less structured approach to development than some other parts of the NCR, Noida too has its share of luxury apartments, many of which may shatter the confidence of the well to do in other parts of the NCR.

Among such upcoming projects in Noida, one in Sector 94 in particular deserves special attention. The township is allegedly to be spread over 5 million square feet and within its confines is to be what some say may be one of the tallest towers in the NCR. With builders in Noida perhaps trying to outdo those in other parts of the National Capital Region as well as others in Noida, the development in question is to have rooftop gardens as well as landscaped interiors. In addition the developers claim that the property is to be a first of its kind waterfront property.

Whether this one of its kind development will also offer some affordable housing in Noida is highly unlikely. The property in question is clearly being constructed to impress and overwhelm those who happen to glance at it and those who may be fortunate enough to visit the residents of the development. Despite the small steps taken for the integration of students from every economic stratum into top public schools all across the country, similar integration at our homes is either neither thought desirable and perhaps not even economically feasible, for the time being.

The property concerned is being built by one the top builders in Noida and the offerings to the residents are no more extravagant than those offered by top developers in other parts of the NCR. Needless to say such developments with flats in Noida that are  priced upwards of 4 crores are bought by residents who expect much more than the usual offerings of Jacuzzi, saunas and spa’s. At such developments impressing visitors may not be enough, residents with homes at many such elite developments may secretly wish to awe those who visit them and those with whom they may share their address.

Wealthy buyers who wish to own swanky 4 BHK flats in Noida now may have a new destination at which to consider investing their money. Thought there are a large number of smaller 2 BHK flats in Noida in great abundance, those who buy such properties are certainly not among the jet set as are the likely owners of homes at the new development at Sector 94.

The significantly upscale development presents a milestone in the development of the country’s luxury housing market as the bar continues to be lifted higher and higher as the builders in Noida and those in other parts of the country continue to raise the standards of luxury developments in the country ever more. The offerings by the top builders in Noida which were conceived even slightly more than 5 years ago may pale in comparison with what is planned by such builders and others over the next 5 years.