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Purchasing Property in Noida ExtensIon
Purchasing Property in Noida ExtensIon

Luxury apartments in noida

An important part of the new emerging India is the presence of localities such as Noida and Greater Noida. Cities such as these points towards the future offering a glimpse of a lifestyle which others look up to and want to emulate. The presence of such parts of India motivates many outsiders to seek out the standard of living currently enjoyed by those who live here. Noida Extension is also one such neighborhood in the city which has the potential to arouse envy among those who don’t own property in Noida.

Although Noida Extension may as yet fully lack the vibrancy of other suburbs of Delhi, it is a very promising location at which to purchase flats in Noida. The price of property at some locations in this part of Noida has been lower than at any other time in the past 36 months and may stand to be a great long term investment for speculators. Sector 16B is one such promising locality in Noida Extension, it is the site where over 10 new developments are currently being built and in the future holds the potential to be a location where larger numbers of  residential projects in Noida are built.

At Sector 16B apartments cost far less than they do in many parts of the city,  though this is likely due to the less than stellar amenities nearby however over time these are bound to improve. A buyer who is keen to invest in property in Noida Extension can easily walk away with a 2,300 square foot flat at Sector 16B for just under 60 Lakhs. When keen to buy 4 BHK flats in Noida, Sector 16B as yet offers a very limited selection yet few regions of the National Capital Region offer the chance to own a 2,300 square foot flat at the price for which one can buy the same at 16B in Noida Extension.

The development in question has been completed for a little over a year and though as yet may be a solitary development in the region; it is gradually appreciating in value and may continue to do so making it attractive to own property here when prices in the region begin to match those in other parts of the capital.

Not making an investment in property in Noida Extension today, in hindsight may prove to be detrimental just as not seeing the potential of other real estate markets in the country over the past two decades has shown to prove. For buyers looking for quick financial gains Sector 16B should be considered as much of the upcoming property here is priced well below 1 crore making it affordable and appreciating signaling demand for homes here.

Many parts of the country are undergoing tremendous change but few are changing as rapidly as Noida. Although the city may appear chaotic and less well connected than other more mature localities in the country, it is also a shining beacon of hope to many who see a lifestyle they wish to aspire to. Over time with even greater connectivity and better urban planning buying property in Noida and its surrounding areas is likely to be an even more profitable proposition than it is today.