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Property in Hyderabad At Film nagar
Property in Hyderabad At Film nagar

Real estate in Hyderabad

The name Bollywood is famous the world over, but south India too is home to a monolithic film industry with millions of adherents and some great acting to boot. A large number of such films are made in Hyderabad and the film industry here has been nick named Tollywood drawing the first letter in its name from the native language Telugu in which the movies are made and “wood’, considering the regions issues with the Hindi language, I’d wager comes most likely from Hollywood.

The locality where the movies are made in Hyderabad is known as Film Nagar and is a wealthy part of the city of Hyderabad. If you are looking for affordable housing in Hyderabad you won’t find it here. Most of properties here are high end and for a buyer on the lookout for luxury apartments in Hyderabad, Film Nagar is a dream come true. Projects in Hyderabad at Film Nagar look right out a glamorous film set and offer amenities which most have only seen on the big screen.

Despite the film industry at Film Nagar perhaps being thought of as the poor cousin of the larger movie industry towards the north at Mumbai, Film Nagar has real estate property which may make many in wealthy European countries envious not to mention wish to learn a new language so as to work at Tollywood, which some from the continent have been doing in increasing numbers. The acting of such Europeans is better than their command over the native language and their voices are usually dubbed in Telugu. Residential apartments in Hyderabad are plentiful at Film Nagar but are highly expensive, prices for homes regularly exceed 2 crores but they offer some of the best real estate in Hyderabad at a prime location.

The locality has an excellent livability score and great social infrastructure as well. The price of property here has appreciated significantly over the past several years though it has remained steadily below 8000 rupees per square foot in recent months. There are only a handful of new projects in Hyderabad under construction at Film Nagar and the units are priced well above three crores with the largest projects priced well above 6 crores. Real Estate in Hyderabad may not be more ostentatious than that found at Film Nagar and owing a home here may certainly let one hob nob with the rich and famous of the city and also, may if one is persistent, allow the opportunity for a cameo in a Telugu language movie.

Due to the high status and glitter of Film Nagar, some of the best apartments in Hyderabad are located here and it is also goes without saying that the residences of a number of the glitterati of this regional film hub too may be found at Film Nagar. Although many projects in Hyderabad may be of a higher quality and have better amenities as well, the lure of the limelight is difficult for many to resist and so long as working class actresses from London or Canada, as they have been doing in the past, continue to knock on Film Nagar’s door in droves. Film Nagar’s future as a location for some of the best and most high end property in Hyderabad may not remain in any jeopardy.