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Property in Bangalore and its Relation to Startup
Property in Bangalore and its Relation to Startup

Property in Bangalore and its Relation to Startup Acquisitions


Property in Bangalore may feel the impact of certain changes taking place in the technology sphere. Many startups are showing an increasing willingness to be acquired. As the technology capital of India and the city with one of the largest number of startups in the country, Bangalore is bound to feel the impact concerning those who live in the city and more importantly where they live. Real estate projects in Bangalore are among the fanciest in the country and once many young people begin to sell out to larger companies, trading in the potential of a billion dollar valuation in favor of security and a salary, there may be a greater demand for modest apartments in Bangalore.


While many such startups may have been launched by individuals with a disdain for a permanent job, as funding for startups begins to dry up and investors become less willing to invest in the startup ecosystem in the country, those who started such companies may trade in their ambition of leading a unicorn and owning several luxury apartments in Bangalore in favor of a more steady income and owning more affordable housing in Bangalore. This does not signify failure, such changes are necessary to keep the spirit of entrepreneurship alive in the country. Failure is a part of success and though the two are largely considered to be at opposite poles, they mean the same thing, after all, one cannot succeed without failing first.


Certainly, many businesses succeed through failure which allows the founders to learn from their mistake and continue on and perhaps, eventually, to succeed. Many of the top builders in Bangalore began as small businesses and failed numerous times before they came to be recognized as one of the best builders in the city. Similarly, many IT companies which are well regarded today had growing pains and at one time or another faced failure and certainly risked going out of business. The spirit of entrepreneurship, to fully be engrained in a culture must shun the belief that all failure is bad. Once a culture realizes that failure is as important as success, younger and older people shall take the plunge and try to create something out of nothing.


While the most successful technology leaders of India live in luxury flats in Bangalore, they have created something out of nothing. Most technology companies utilize brain power to succeed, they have few input costs aside from equipment related to technology but rather they sell brain power. In such a culture the correct model is not necessarily the one which was attempted the first time but instead may emerge gradually through trial and error. Within the technology space even today many insiders look with disdain upon the initial revenue model of body shopping which had been used by the largest IT Indian companies in their early days. Yet it was a model which worked and allowed such companies to be regarded as among the leading technology companies of today. Similarly, startups which are acquired by larger companies bring a valuable learning curve to organizations which have acquired them. Not everyone can succeed, yet no organization can succeed without first learning from its mistakes and continuing on regardless or being acquired.