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Popular types of property In ahmedabad
Popular types of property In ahmedabad

Dubbed as the automobile capital of the state of Gujarat, Sanand is the location of the TATA plant manufacturing the Nano. The Ford Company too has a manufacturing plant at Sanand.

Property in Ahmedabad at Sanand is relatively inexpensive when compared to other localities of the city. The average price per square foot for an apartment here is lower than 2,000 rupees per square foot which is quite inexpensive. Prices here have been rising over the past 3 years and property at Sanand has appreciated by close to 19% in that time. A 2 BHK 1200 square foot flat could be yours at Sanand for as little as 23 lakhs; however Sanand has larger and more elaborate homes that are priced significantly higher costing several crores. Such properties typically are 4 to 5 bedroom set homes.

If you require a little more space than a 2 BHK apartment and have the budget to match, then you could be the proud owner of a 3 BHK 1800 square foot apartment at Sanand, the unit in question would cost you only about 38 lakhs and the said project is expected to be completed in two years.

Despite what may seem to be a few highly priced properties in this region of Ahmedabad, Sanand does not have well developed civic services and lacks fully developed health facilities and suffers from a paucity of schools in the region. Regardless, there are now nearly 10 developments under construction at Sanand and with time as larger numbers of families move into the locality an improvement in civic services in the region is virtually guaranteed.

To a buyer who is keen to look at some of the Luxury apartments in Ahmedabad I would ask him or her to look at properties at other localities like Satellite, however to someone keen to own apartments in Ahmedabad who is willing to wait a few years for a property to appreciate in value, Sanand is certainly one part of the city to consider when buying a flat.

Prices at Sanand have appreciated over the past few years and in all likelihood shall continue to do so well into the future. An added advantage which Sanand has is the presence of large automobile manufactures which in all likelihood shall remain at Sanand; such presence over a long period of time is almost certain to lead to improvements in the quality of life for the residents of Sanand and an appreciation in the price of property at the locality.  

As many new projects in Ahmedabad are under construction at Sanand, they point to the future potential of this part of the city and the nearly consistent trend of increasing property values at Sanand validate this claim. Over time Sanand may go on to become as attractive a destination for homebuyers as Satellite is today.

For buyers who are interested in increasing the value of their real estate portfolio, Sanand provides an attractive means of doing so. It is part of an industrial region in one of the most important real estate markets in the country, the future of real estate in Ahmedabad could not be brighter and with it that of Sanand.