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Occupants of Luxury Flats in Bangalore Require a R
Occupants of Luxury Flats in Bangalore Require a R

Employees in the technology sector who also live in luxury flats in Bangalore need to pay attention to trends across the world in technology such as the primacy of software over hardware and an increasing use of sophisticated artificial intelligence. Too many who have an engineering degree in computer hardware there is little certainty of employment in their field of study, perhaps this is because software has become so sophisticated and most microprocessors are already so powerful that there is little room left for further development in either of these fields without a paradigm shift within the technology industry. The top builders in Bangalore, with the aid of software design some of the most breathtaking apartments in Bangalore. 
What many such builders may not realize is that the software they use and the computer the software runs on are both more powerful than a supercomputer was twenty years ago, in fact the very phones most of us carry today are more powerful than supercomputers were twenty years ago as well. However how much longer can such progress continue? Already the latest computers can cost less than computers which have microprocessors that are more than a year older than the latest computer. This is because there is little difference between the performances of such machines, whereas nearly a decade ago a new processor was a huge leap forward and its performance was vastly superior to the processor released just prior to it. To many it seems we are reaching a dead end in computing power and have to instead dedicate ourselves to creating more innovative software as much of the most widely used hardware can run virtually any piece of software. 
A convergence between hardware which in its current form has reached peak performance and software technology may be required if we are to expect the technological innovation to continue at the same rapid pace is has been over the past few decades. Perhaps these diminishing returns are an indication that we are reaching the end of the road for technology in its current form and as a result of the culmination of the work done over the past fifty years may be about to give birth to AI.  Technology workers who own residential property in Bangalore may not have much to respond with should AI emerge on the world stage. While everyday one or two breakthroughs in technology are announced in the UK or Japan, relatively few such innovations are credited to those who own flats in Bangalore.
To understand AI one needs to understand that computers today “think” in zeros and ones; however AI could be both zero and one at the same time. As an example consider a human being who is late for a meeting and ponders whether or not the route he will take shall have traffic on it, the moment when he visualizes the route in his mind and the possibility that there may or may not be traffic on it he is considering two distinct possibilities, or zero and one at the same time. The ability to hold two or more distinct possibilities and their outcomes in one’s mind at the same time is a crucial aspect of creating AI. Hence an AI would be able to be both zero and one at the same time rather than being confined to being only zero or one. If the building boom is to continue in Bangalore, residents in posh apartments in Bangalore need to consider the prospect of success as well as failure if they desire a favorable outcome for themselves in the cutthroat business of technology.