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Noida the Real Estate Hotbed of NCR
Noida the Real Estate Hotbed of NCR


There are literally tens of real estate companies in Noida, yet not all real estate companies are created equal and this credo applies even more strongly when one has to make what will probably be the biggest investment of our life. Real estate companies building and selling flats in Noida are abundant yet there is a vast difference in the value for money they are offering to the buyer.


Home buyers seeking residential property in Noida may often commit themselves to a brand based on the heavy marketing campaign carried out by the real estate developer. As the recent example of Amarpali Group has shown us, potential homebuyers are often succumbing to slick advertising campaigns with celebrities endorsing a particular real estate company. The companies Sapphire complex has yet to be completed despite a 2 year delay. The Sapphire Complex had been launched by Amarpali in 2009 and buyers were promised that houses would be handed over in 2011.  Residents who now live in Sapphire complain of nonfunctioning elevators, fires and poor parking facility. Just goes to show, the slick brochures and big brand ambassadors may not necessarily mean the developer in question is one of the best real estate developers in Noida.


So how does one go about looking quality flats in Noida before deciding on the one?  One useful way to go about doing this is using the internet, there are companies out there that can help you live in your dream house. Among the top 10 property websites in Noida which may help home buyers buy a flat in Noida, and a recent startup know as stand out.


Not all of us are first time homebuyers but are instead seeking to buy a second or even third home either for a family member or as an investment. We may already have a home in the NCR region but luckily have some extra money which we want to invest hoping that the property will appreciate and we make a handsome return on our investment. Whatever the reason for a second or third home the most important criterion for all remains the same as that for our first home, where we buy the home. Although there are many new projects in Noida when it comes to finding a great location to own a second home you will almost certainly want to consider residential property in Greater Noida.


No matter what size of corpus you have to invest, residential property in Greater Noida offers a great selection of flats starting from only 41 Lakhs for a 1700 square 4 BHK flat up to 1.3 crore for a 2800 square foot  4 BHK.


The choice is yours, you are the buyer and though there has never been a better time to buy property in Noida one still needs to work hard and do his or her due diligence. Once you have taken the right steps and acted wisely owning that dream home or second investment home may be a piece of cake.