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new upcoming residential projects in ahmedabad
new upcoming residential projects in ahmedabad


Property in Ahmedabad is varied and diverse providing the opportunity for homeowner from virtually any segment. The city shall be part of the Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor prompting further development in and around the city in virtually all sectors, especially real estate.


Some of the top builders in Ahmedabad like Adani, Ganesh Housing and Pacifica have several projects in the city of Ahmedabad. The Adani group has several projects located near Vaishno Devi Circle in Ahmedabad, although priced differentially these projects provide high quality by a top builder in Ahmedabad.


One such project by Adani caters to the middle class household providing 2 BHK apartments in Ahmedabad for between 35 to 46 lakhs. Within the same project one also finds 3 BHK apartments for sale priced between 55 to 75 lakhs. These residential apartments in Ahmedabad provide the opportunity for first time home owners to own a home.


Another project near Vaishno Devi Circle, again by Adani offers diversity in home ownership to middle class, upper middle class or rich home seekers. With apartment sizes ranging from 3 BHK to 5 BHK and prices ranging from 80 Lakhs up to 2.5 crores the development by one of the top builders in Ahmedabad offers a price at a platter suitable to most tastes.  Among several upcoming projects in Ahmedabad, the development in question is to be completed by December of this year.


Yet another Ahmedabad property by the Adani Group offers budget apartments in Ahmedabad with prices ranging from 18 to 25 lakhs. The upcoming property has 1 BHK as well as 2 BHK apartments ranging in size from 650 square feet to 800 square feet. The property has already appreciated by close to 16% over the past 3 years and is expected to be completed by December of this year.


Ganesh Housing, another top builder in Ahmedabad has several upcoming projects in Ahmedabad in localities such as SG Road and Memnagar. The property on SG Road offers customers 3 BHK flats at a cost ranging from 43 to 49 lakhs, the property at Memnagar is far more extravagantly priced with prices ranging from 1.3 to 2.5 crores.


The range of prices for properties by even the same builder in Ahmedabad varies greatly as compared to many other cities; there may not be a builder who constructs only for high end segment in Ahmedabad such as DLF does in Gurgaon. Though the Adani group is nearly as well known all over the country as DLF it caters to a wide array of buyers when it comes to developing property in Ahmedabad.


Another versatile builder and also among the top builders in Ahmedabad, Pacifica offers homes for many segment of home buyers and buyers in various life stages. Two such properties by Pacifica on SG Road offer 2,3 and 4 BHK apartments within the same development. The two developments have prices ranging between 32 to 70 lakhs and 43 lakhs and 1.05 crores respectively.The popularity and potential of SG Road as an upcoming real estate destination is Ahmedabad should be noted, it is fast becoming a popular hub of real estate development in Ahmedabad.