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Nanotechnology May Rescue Property in bangalore
Nanotechnology May Rescue Property in bangalore

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The future of property in Bangalore lies on being on the cutting edge of scientific research, a frontier which is continuously being pushed further year by year. As real estate in Bangalore is already among the most prized in the country, to retain its strength among the top real estate markets in the country and to compete with the outside world, Bangalore shall need to invest in technologies to retain its competitive edge well into the future. The price of real estate in Bangalore has skyrocketed over the past one and half decades, this has been on the back of rapid development in the cities IT sector. Infosys came into the limelight near the Y2K scare at the turn of century, later the company rose to prominence as one of the stars of the global dotcom boom.

The company was a massive source of wealth creation in the city of Bangalore and its founder was acknowledged with the title of a top wealth creator by the central government as well. Many of the employees who began their career with Infosys became millionaires after the company’s IPO including the owner’s driver. Similar pursuits of excellence in software by companies at Bangalore led to global recognition for the city and jumpstarted the countries career as an IT center. The wealth creation in the city invariably had a beneficial effect upon residential projects in Bangalore which quickly became showpieces for the rapidly growing numbers of affluent citizens of Bangalore.

Unfortunately it seems much of what had been gained may have been squandered, many of the top IT companies in Bangalore still pursue their outdated model which consists of such companies completing outsourced IT work for organization in the developed world. Had newer technologies been pursued wholeheartedly then real estate trends in Bangalore may have resembled those of cities around the San Francisco Bay area, the other IT capital of the world. However it is never too late and one must never say never, Bangalore could once again be an engine of dynamic technological innovation and builders in Bangalore may likely see good times ahead creating high quality luxury apartments in Bangalore for top IT talent. Though many of the companies may have been left behind by some of the innovations over the past 8 years, today newer technologies with nearly limitless potential remain open to be exploited by those willing to take risks.

The Internet of Nanothings or nanotechnology is a tech frontier which if cleverly exploited could catapult and remake Bangalore into a IT hub that is independent from outside influences and unaffected by threats from foreign nations to curb visas for foreign employees. The rapid development of such a technology is crucial but its scope too broad to be elucidated here; however one of its uses can be exploited by builders and developers in Bangalore to construct something akin to smart buildings by inserting Nano particles into the cement used on the surface of buildings.

To those keen to own flats for sale in Bangalore the process of home buying could be radically altered by income levels in the future equivalent to those at Silicon Valley at that time, the current status of even luxury flats in Bangalore today appears quaint when compared alongside a property of similar stature at the Bay Area. With rapid assimilation and adoption of newer technologies, Bangalore could revive the sense of jubilation at the turn of the century and break