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Likely to Bolster Real Estate in Hyderabad
Likely to Bolster Real Estate in Hyderabad

It seems like there no stopping Hyderabad, with steps taken by some of the biggest names in IT, aerospace and furnishings to have development centers and manufacturing facilities respectively at Hyderabad, the city’s commercial property market is likely to see good times ahead.

The announcement may be good in the short term for commercial property in the city but in the medium to longer term also reflect positively upon real estate in Hyderabad. The decision to open offices at Hyderabad will result in the creation of tens of thousands of jobs directly and upwards of 1 lakhs jobs indirectly. Hyderabad it seems is on fire.

Undoubtedly the price property in Hyderabad will appreciate, if not soon then over next few months and certainly within a few years. The plans by Airbus to open a factory which will employ nearly 5000 people and manufacture 100 helicopters a year shall require highly skilled, highly trained and highly paid personnel. Some such employees may be required to relocate to the city and many of these may purchase flats in Hyderabad.  

The potential for property in Hyderabad based upon the decision by some such organizations should not be underestimated. With the opening of new offices especially by organization working on the cutting edge many cities stand transformed, in many parts of  the world cities actively solicit large companies enticing them with tax breaks and cheap land in an effort to increase employment and tax revenue in their cities. We don’t know what KT Rao did to lure such companies to Hyderabad but the builders in Hyderabad should be grateful as they may expect a bountiful reward as in the form of higher future sales and an easing in their stock of current inventory.

Considering the average salary of some of the other companies locating offices to Hyderabad it’s highly likely that the demand for luxury apartments in Hyderabad too shall increase resulting in prices appreciating for the same as well.  New projects in Hyderabad are likely to see good times ahead as demand for such properties may increase especially considering that well over 1 lakh new jobs are expected to be created just indirectly as a result of the companies offices in Hyderabad. Over time the price of apartments in Hyderabad is likely to appreciate simply because income levels will rise as over well 3 billion dollars is invested in the city.

Such transformations in the city are very good news for the denizens of the city, they can expect a windfall to trickle down and across all segments of the population and home owners in the city will be thrilled as they watch the price of real estate in Hyderabad appreciate over the next few years.  Some of the best apartments in Hyderabad may be sold and bought over the next few years as US based companies shower the largess of an American salary on their Indian employees in Hyderabad.   

Without any doubts the newcomers will be greeted with a warm reception by the residents of Hyderabad and over time more ordinary residents of the city may celebrate as their house along with the price of many residential projects in Hyderabad appreciates in value.