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investing in property in Hyderabad
investing in property in Hyderabad

Buying home is one of the most challenging tasks in life. And the process gets more difficult if you are buying a home in a city where you don’t live. Though it is not common for end users, property investors in India look for right deals all across the country to invest their money. When it comes to buying property in India, Hyderabad is one of the most preferred locations. However, buying a residential property here is much easier said than done due to various reasons.


If you also want to own a home in this city and looking for right tips, here are a few important things for you to keep in the mind when buying looking for a right project in Hyderabad.


Documents: When buying home in Hyderabad, make sure you carefully examine the land documents. With the implementation of Benami Transactions Act 2016, it has got essential to check the property for legal ownership rights. Ensure that you check the title deed and make sure it is in the name of the seller.


Clearances: If you an NRI and buying property in Hyderabad, India, ask the builder for clearance documents. Make sure the builder has taken all the approvals from the government and other legal authorities. Even when you are investing in an under construction project, don’t forget to check all the documents to avoid future problems.


Crosscheck property rates: If you are not a resident of Hyderabad and looking for property there for investment purpose, crosscheck the property rates on different portals. You can explore property websites in Hyderabad to get a comparison table at one place.


Sale agreement: Make sure you sign the sale agreement on a stamp paper with all the details of the final amount, advance payment and other important information related to the property. If you don’t have time to visit the city every now and then to collect all the information, you can also appoint a person to gather information on your behalf.


For outsiders, chances of being fooled by builders and developers in Hyderabad are high. So it is better to be cautious and spend enough time on search while buying a home in the city.



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