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Investing In Property at Noida’s Lesser Known Regi
Investing In Property at Noida’s Lesser Known Regi

Noida, an important market for residential housing in the NCR may be in the process of rapidly gaining back what many had thought it had conceded to others parts of the NCR. With over 500 new residential developments under construction, Noida may be on the verge of a construction boom which could help it leapfrog ahead and become the most desirable location for homebuyers and investors alike.

Upcoming projects in Noida at parts of the city of like Sector 118 and Sector 134 may indicate a trend among builders in Noida to construct developments at localities in the city where land is relatively inexpensive today but where the value of the properties under construction today may appreciate in the future. Though such sectors today do not provide the necessary facilities to make living at such sectors easy they may likely do so in the future and some builders in Noida may be betting on this.

At Sector 188 Noida, the price of property is yet to find a suitable market friendly level as over the past 2 years the price of property here has been highly volatile climbing near the 4,800 rupee per square foot mark only to recently fall below the 4,000 rupee mark. For buyers who do purchase property at these locations, at present living in these neighborhoods may prove to be very dull and uninteresting as there would be few others in the vicinity not to mention a lack of social infrastructure as well as lack of physical infrastructure. In the future however to own flats in Noida at such locations may envelope the current investor with a windfall of capital due to a rise in property prices at such locations. Currently the unit price for apartments at Sector 188 lies between 45 to 65 lakhs; quite within the budget of a novice real estate speculator and easily within reach of a more hardened investor. Over time such an investment may lead to earnings for an investor in the tens of lakhs of rupees if not more.

To look at Sector 134 in Noida today may be one of the dullest activities you could do with your free time. Yet this locality has one or two developments on it which to a prudent investor may prove to be a good investment. The developments have been constructed by one of the top builders in Noida which also happens to be one of the nationally better known brands. With a large development consisting of hundreds of apartments (albeit in a locality that is as yet poorly acclimatized to house families), in the future its status as a development in a neighborhood which would have progressed to offer residents a finer lifestyle may bode well for it as an investment destination today.

Only the very wealthy can afford to purchase property in most of the better established regions of the country. Today even many who have lived for generations in such better served localities are themselves unable to purchase any of the property that surrounds them. Hence investment in the future may require us to imagine investing in what is to come rather than what has already become known to all.