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Hyderabad: Your Next Destination for Spending the
Hyderabad: Your Next Destination for Spending the

affordable housing in Hyderabad

Out of all the metro cities in India, one destination that has been getting all the attention recently is Hyderabad. From being a deserted place for buyers to becoming a hub of real estate properties, the city has now been declared a prime destination. The residential space of Hyderabad is picking up pace as there is a mix of both investors and end-users in the market. Also, organized and established players are able to make a firm base in the realty sector with their projects.

To get a clear view of the current real estate in Hyderabad, following are a few trends that have been in focus-

Political Stability

Since quite a long time, there has been a constant upheaval about the political conditions residential apartments in Hyderabad . This is due to the fact that the city was going through a political turmoil, which took place when Telangana state was being created with Hyderabad as its capital. However, the situation has changed with the government showing interest in the business of realty sector and making Hyderabad a global city. To further improvise that, the TS-iPass Act has been introduced and aims at creating a one-

window approval system.

Affordable Property Rates

One city that stands out in the crowd of over-priced properties is Hyderabad, which boasts about its affordable real estate prices. A late comer in the ongoing competition, the city sure knows how to be exceptional when it comes to offering attractive deals to end-users. Since the past one year, there has been quite a high demand in affordable real estate segment of Hyderabad and that’s why, the upcoming trends are favoring existing growth that the city is exhibiting. For example- if we compare the property prices of Hyderabad with Gurgaon, there is a huge difference that is seen, as the former is still offering lush properties in an inexpensive way.

Improved Infrastructure

With such high demands and affordable prices, builders are now concentrating on improving the present infrastructure of the city. The upcoming Metro Rail Project with IT firms establishing their offices in Hyderabad, the place has a strong scope of becoming the most sought after real estate destination of India. Better connectivity and developing infrastructure are the core qualities that have been keeping the city on the edge over the other metropolitans.

Profitable Returns

One of the prime reasons people buy property is to make an investment for their future. In simple terms, real estate is a bank for buyers that fetch profitable returns in future. The reason people are investing in Hyderabad right now is because the city has been offering a good return rate since quite some time. According to the experts, the current trend is likely to continue making this city a beneficial option for both developers and buyers.

What Lies Ahead?

After projecting such strong growth pattern, the city has no plans on slowing down. With other developments such as Rajiv Gandhi International Airport & Hardware Park, the place has started to get more foreign investors as well. Aside from these major locations, top builders in Hyderabad has been gaining traction and would continue to do so if the same phenomenon continues with government policies also falling into place.