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Healthy Homes in Ahmedabad
Healthy Homes in Ahmedabad


Green homes are much better than conventional homes due to cost efficiency and sustainability. An environmentally friendly building is based on the philosophy of increased efficiency and minimal wastage during its lifecycle. It addresses aspects such as health, environment, and resource conservation while maintaining the economy. Thus, it focuses on reduced energy consumption, reduction and recycling where possible. This will be a new beginning in the Real estate in Ahmedabad.


Cost factor: Although the initial cost of an environmentally friendly building may be slightly higher as in in contrast to a conventional building, the operational cost is lower due to reduced energy requirement. This makes them very economical in the long run as the initial more expensive is more than recovered in a short span of them being operational.


Durability and returns: Green structures can be simple and down to earth or modern and urban top notch. Simple techniques like a green roof which considerably cools interiors are extremely helpful.


In conditions of rentals as well as capital gains, renewable buildings have an edge because of reduced functional costs and higher efficiency. All modern techniques, building design and usability of space can be integrated into a green building. Inside the demolition stage too, these buildings are suited for recycling, minimising waste materials.


Some of these are made to adapt to different uses, eliminating the need to demolish. Research have shown that the average construction cost  of high quality for an environmentally friendly building is less than two percent while the reduction rate is 30 percent as compared to a standard building.


In the residential projects in Ahmedabad market, its appropriateness increases, given the quantity of commercial complexes, IT companies and large residential companies. The workforce is constantly looking for better opportunities and environment-friendly amenities feature at the top of that list. Organic building effectively addresses this too. Green buildings could address aspects such as ventilation, heat and light.


For instance, consumption of higher technology glass along with right orientation would keep the heat away while allowing sufficient light. Large residential complexes could structure the building to take good thing about the wind, allowing natural ventilation.