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For Sake of Ahmedabad Property, Woo Google
For Sake of Ahmedabad Property, Woo Google



Googles decision to capture some of the business from the cloud may not impact Ahmedabad Property unless the government of the state of Gujarat acts swiftly. The city of Ahmedabad has never been one to be left behind when it comes to commerce, however, today its rivals to the south such as Chennai, Pune, Hyderabad, and Bangalore have left Ahmedabad in the dust when it comes to technology.



While three decades ago the importance of Ahmedabad pertaining to the amount of trade done in the city was comparable to Bangalore, today the gulf between the two has widened beyond measure. Other cities which were comparable to Ahmedabad thirty years ago in their technological prowess are today host to large American companies such as Amazon and Microsoft while Ahmedabad is largely a city of tangibles, meaning it trades and produces products which can be felt, not in intellectual products which can be exported globally at extremely low costs due to fast communication and the internet.



There are likely many important startups in Ahmedabad and a good number of such companies are likely to succeed. Indeed there are also many technology companies in Ahmedabad, yet technology and Ahmedabad just don’t gel well together in the Indian psyche. When it comes to software parks in India, Indians think of Bangalore, not Ahmedabad. Even those who are employed in the technology sector in Ahmedabad and live in some of the grandest luxury apartments in Ahmedabad don’t have as much say when it comes to technology as do their counterparts in Bangalore or Hyderabad.



Today however Ahmedabad has a chance to redeem itself when it comes to technology. Google plans to open data centers in India to service the increasing need for such centers in the country. This could be a turnaround moment for Ahmedabad and it should do everything possible to assure the American technology giant that Ahmedabad has what it takes to serve as the location for Googles next data center. The reason for a data center in India arises due to the sensitivity of certain information of the government sector as well as the financial sector which cannot be moved overseas. Additionally, such centers are needed to facilitate greater cooperation between teams which are geographically distant.



Google intends to open eight data centers in India and the government of Gujarat should certainly pursue Google and influence it to open one data center if not two in Ahmedabad. This could bring Ahmedabad back from the brink of technological obsolescence and impact projects in Ahmedabad by increasing demand for them from those employed at Googles data centers. The future of technology resides in the cloud and whatever enables distant teams to collaborate on projects simultaneously has to be stored in the cloud.



Perhaps data centers may be regarded as the libraries of the modern world where all the collective knowledge of humanity is stored for all time. Certainly, Ahmedabad deserves a chance to host a library of information which will also lead upcoming projects in Ahmedabad to be valued higher than they are today as Google’s presence if everything goes well, will serve as a magnet for other large technology companies to set up shop in Ahmedabad. Low-level employees working at such data centers may also be able to purchase affordable apartments in Ahmedabad resulting in greater demand for such homes and benefiting the city’s real estate sector and likely all sectors of Ahmedabad’s economy.