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Flats in Bangalore
Flats in Bangalore


The rapid change in technology may lead to many in Bangalore, residents in flats in Bangalore and IT companies in the city to continue to play catch up. Nearly every day some new technological breakthrough is announced, very few such breakthroughs originate from technology companies based in Bangalore or from Indian research facilities and universities. While companies in countries such as Korea, Japan, and China are competing effectively against their rivals in North America and Europe, Indian companies are finding it increasingly difficult to simply remain competitive simply doing what they had been doing a decade ago.

While the essential functions which could be done with the aid of software have increased, the greatest change has come in the form of making software easy to use for as many people as possible and to make it possible to connect friends with each other and to connect buyers with sellers. The friendliness and ease of use of components of software have increased dramatically and even those who have never used an iOS, Android, or Windows ecosystem can learn to master them within a day. The software has become people-centric rather than being task-centric, or to put it in other words “It’s not what your computer or phone can do that matters, it’s what you can do with it that counts”.

The top builders in Bangalore have also adapted to this change in the mind of consumers and today build people-centric homes which are a joy to live in rather than simply being vulgar displays of wealth. Many older luxury flats in Bangalore are spacious yet may not be as livable as flats in upcoming projects in Bangalore which are gentler on the eyes while at the same time don’t compromise on space or amenities.

The need to create technology which is easier for people to interact with is taking place not just in software and in property in Bangalore but rather across all industries whether it is aeronautics or road transportation, products are being built to enhance the experience of those who are likely to use such products. Indian IT companies also need to venture into such soft people-centric technologies which take into account the user and ensure that he or she has a pleasant experience with the technology.

Designing more functional homes where the mantra “more is less” may be adhered to by using minimum space in constructing affordable flats in Bangalore. Such flats may make their occupants more comfortable and enhance their living experience while the living space may be smaller than that found among the many smaller apartments in Bangalore. A tie-up between technology companies in Bangalore with builders in Bangalore is likely to be beneficial to both as the two may experiment with ways to make living in flats in Bangalore more comfortab