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Expensive Flats in Bangalore
Expensive Flats in Bangalore

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As the city of Bangalore thrives it may wish to consider the prospect that growth in the city’s booming software industry could one day face serious obstacles. Even as Bangalore stands strong against its rival Silicone Valley in the US, it may wish to consider how to remain competitive far into the future. The growth of the cities Information Technology sector has proved to be a great blessing for the majority of the cities inhabitants many of whom have witnessed a rise in the value of their property in Bangalore as well as a higher income that has trickled down and across all segments of the city’s population. Yet in today’s modern high tech era we cannot take things for granted and must not grow complacent.

Does Bangalore really pose a credible challenge to Silicone Valley?  The answer to this question will vary between yes and no depending on whom you ask. More than a decade ago the CEO of the most highly valued Indian IT giant admonished those who claimed that India was an IT superpower. As the founder of the company and one of the pioneers of the Indian IT miracle it would have been right on our part to heed his words. new projects in bangalore He believed that the work done by Indian IT professionals was largely low end and low tech grunt work and while speaking to a class of students at the prestigious NID in Ahmedabad he proclaimed that there was not a single world class product that was produced in India.

Wow! Strong words that are greatly humbling and may even turn everything you know about the IT industry in India on its head. Whereas we are told daily about the great strides made by Indian IT companies and the exceptionally high caliber of Indian IT engineers to hear something so contrary to what we all believe we know is enough to make us stand to attention. We genuinely believe that Indian technology professionals are the best in the world and the work they do is the best in the world bar none.

Such professional are the ones who live in splendid flats in Bangalore and many other large Indian cities and who drive cars we all wished we owned, so to hear that the work they do is not on the cutting edge and maybe does not meet international standards of quality is a titanic perceptual shift. Such words more than merely inform actually may even damage the fragile Indian psyche which after 200 years of colonial rule was regaining some of its confidence and pride, largely due to its perceived global excellence in the technology sphere.

Well does what this person said hold true today? After all a decade has passed, certainly we would have made great strides in that time? The answer to this question is far more difficult to ascertain today than it may have been when the speech at the NID was given a decade ago. Today the global economy is far more fluid and interwoven so much so that it may even be difficult to ascertain where a certain software product was actually created. In such a scenario it is difficult to claim ones groups’ superiority or inferiority over another.

Hence if the leaders of our IT industry expect to continue to live comfortably in their Luxury flats in Bangalore and to drive to work in their expensive German automobiles first they must discover their current place in the value chain of software creation. Once they do so, if they are found lacking take measures to increase their value addition.