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Different types of real estate property in hyderab
Different types of real estate property in hyderab


With Google, Facebook, Apple and Uber all set to make a big presence in the city, it seems Hyderabad is the “it” destination for IT in India. The investments which will be made by these multinationals in the city run into several billion dollars and bring with them an increased demand for high skilled jobs and greater employment opportunities for denizens of the city.


Almost certainly the presence of these huge multinationals will have an impact on many aspects of life in Hyderabad. One of the most significantly affected shall be the city’s real estate market.


The value of property in Hyderabad has risen consistently over the past few years; real estate trends in the city indicate a consistent upward trend in the value of residential property in Hyderabad.


Manikonda a suburb of Hyderabad widely recognized as among the poshest in the city. Many new projects in Hyderabad have been constructed in this part of the city. Many of the new affordable housing projects in Hyderabad however are also to be found in this part of the city with Edifice Projects one among them. A 2 BHK apartment at the Edifice Project would cost a buyer less than 27 Lakhs with a monthly EMI component a little less than 20000 Rupees. Such a project at a top real estate destination such as Manikonda makes for an excellent investment, the price of such a property is far below the average price of real estate in Manikonda. Once the project is completed in August of this year, the price of a flat in the Edifice Project may rise due to the increased activity of buyers and sellers, at present the flats at this society may be priced lower than the true market price.


Affordable apartments in Hyderabad are not uncommon with several such new developments under construction in Manikonda itself.  Two other developers with projects under construction in Manikonda are Hallmark and Saanvi, nearly all the flats under construction by these builders are priced well under 1 crore.


Kukatpally, one the best destinations in the city for budget apartments scores high on the livability index. Its close proximity to the IT hub of Hyderabad ensures good physical infrastructure as well as high quality and consistent delivery of public works.


If you are looking for prime real estate in Hyderabad, then a development at Kukatpall by the Lodha group may peak your interest. Though certainly upmarket at a price just under 3 crores per unit, the Lodha property offers 4 BHK flats with a carpet area well over 4500 square feet. The finished project is relatively young having been completed only 2 years ago and has already appreciated a healthy 5%.  As the project is already significantly costlier than most other projects in the vicinity, rather than buying here as a speculator, this development may be more suited to be a home.


Property in Hyderabad is as eclectic as the city which mixes the traditional with the cutting edge. Known to be on the forefront of technology, the city still retains an old world charm reminiscent of era of the cities Nawab’s, where a bullock cart shares the road with the latest European luxury car