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Destination for Real Estate in Hyderabad
Destination for Real Estate in Hyderabad

affordable housing in Hyderabad

An exciting destination to purchase real estate in Hyderabad is a locality whose names often tends to come up more and more often among buyers who are keen to purchase residential real estate in Hyderabad. The locality is known as Madinaguda and in the future it could be for Hyderabad what parts of North Delhi were 20 years ago. It will most likely not take that long for Madinaguda to reach the kind of prominence some of the now dynamic real estate markets in parts of Delhi have attained over the long period, most likely it will take less than a decade for Madinaguda to gain regional visibility if it has not so in minds of many of the citizens of Hyderabad already.

Real Estate Trends in Hyderabad in many parts of the city have tended to move in the other direction as those in many other national markets, particularly in the recent past with the entry of many big name highly capitalized companies hailed entry into the city bringing with them huge sums to be invested in Hyderabad, much of which will end up in real estate in Hyderabad.

The benefits of the entry of such new companies is not expected to be limited to only the wealthier regions of the city or even to as yet middle to upper segments of the city such as Madinaguda. In fact with more than a lakh new jobs are expected to be created as an indirect result of the entry of several international majors affordable housing in Hyderabad too is expected to gain immensely as demand for the same shall rise due to the indirect consequences of the vast sums invested into the cities primary economy.

Almost certainly as the cities metro system becomes operational leaving a kindly wave to all real estate in Hyderabad which lies in its path. Regions such as Madinaguda too are likely to see a great appreciation in value over time, in the region the price of property has already been steadily appreciating over the past few years and today is on an even stronger footing to continue to do so well into the future. Despite the fact that the price of most apartments in Hyderabad located at Madinaguda is below 1 crore,

even with the case of 3 bedroom flats, unlike other larger real estate markets in the country this still ranks Madinaguda as a prime real estate destination in Hyderabad. For buyers who may have a fixed budget of funds from which to buy a home, Madinaguda is still attractive as there are a large number of top builders in Hyderabad with a diverse range of properties at Madinaguda to suit buyers of most segments.

Top builders in Hyderabad favor Madinaguda as it already has much of the essential social and physical infrastructure present which makes the locality an attractive destination for homebuyers and investors. There is ample presence of suitable social infrastructure and the roads and power grids have reach a stage of maturity leading to a high level of comfort for the residents of the locality. The additional funds expected to be flow into Madinaguda due to the entry of large international majors is likely to increase demand from homebuyers at the locality and to drive the price of apartments in Hyderabad at Madinaguda higher still over the next several years at least.