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Consider Buying Luxury Apartments in HyderabaD
Consider Buying Luxury Apartments in HyderabaD

Experts assert that Hyderabad is bucking the nationwide real estate trend as the price of property in Hyderabad rises while it is either stagnate or plummeting in other realty markets across the country. According to some this is because the of the maturation from the separation anxiety the city experienced when Telangana was carved out of the state of Andhra Pradesh leaving Hyderabad as the capital of the now smaller state of Telangana and facing many political and administrative uncertainties and challenges.
Well the divorce was completed and Hyderabad became the de facto capital of Telangana and the de jure capital of Andhra Pradesh, both parents got joint custody of Hyderabad which now it seems can be considered an adult. Well it’s about time! It’s also especially good news for the cities real estate sector which is going from strength to strength and the time to invest in property in Hyderabad (according to some) has never been better. So which parts of the city are booming and where can someone who wants to park a few lakhs or a crore or two invest to reap the greatest return?
Toli Chowki may be one such destination for an investor looking for a good return on Property in Hyderabad as this part of the city has excellent facilities in the vicinity, great schools and restaurants making it a very comfortable place to live indeed. What really makes Toli Chowki attractive for investors is the phenomenal rise in the price of property at the location, prices for homes here have appreciated by nearly 30 percent since April of 2013 but the chart break occurred in December of last year when the price of homes at the locality suddenly appreciated by more than 500 rupees per square foot over the rate of the previous month. 


If you are looking for the best apartment in Hyderabad you may be able to satiate your desires at Toli Chowki completely, but to actually buy a property here may not come cheap. Prices at some developments here, have appreciated by over 30 percent in the last few years and a 3 BHK property in Hyderabad in this neighborhood could set you back by a little more than a crore.
Apartments in Hyderabad are being built relatively rapidly for a city that is as yet not as large or as important a real estate destination as the MMR or the NCR are. If you are an investor you may shy away from parking your money at Toli Chowki due to the relative paucity of new and upcoming developments there, however if you are keen to invest in upcoming apartments in Hyderabad then try not to pass on the real estate market in Narsingi where new developments, which are being built at a frantic rate, are appreciating, and many such new developments could be counted among the best in the city of Hyderabad. 

Bear in mind however that Narsingi is home to properties a significant number of which are priced at well over 2 to 3 crores, investing here for the long haul for most requires deep pockets and a desire to be resolute in your investment decision as you are staking your capital on the future of a locality which as yet does not provide excellent social amenities in the vicinity, at least when compared with some other parts of the city. If you are keen to own luxury apartments in Hyderabad however and have the money and the patience then investing in Narsingi may be your cup of tea.