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Buy Property in Ahmedabad
Buy Property in Ahmedabad

Residential Property in Ahmedabad

Concerning property in Ahmedabad today, it would be callous to overlook the expected impact of the large infrastructure projects planned in, around, to and fro from the city. Real estate in Ahmedabad may not have appreciated several fold as has occurred in many other cities across the nation, yet many future projects planned in the city are likely to ensure that the price of apartments in Ahmedabad is in little danger of stagnating.

Perhaps the most important project, one expected to cost nearly one lakh crore is the proposed high speed train connecting Ahmedabad with Mumbai. By reducing the time it takes to travel between the two cities by five hours, it may in the future become more convenient for someone to travel from Ahmedabad to Mumbai than for residents of Mumbai to travel within Mumbai.

Aside from the huge numbers of jobs which the proposed Mumbai-Ahmedabad High Speed Rail Corridor is expected to create, the completion of the project will likely result in significant appreciation in the price of real estate in Ahmedabad. With far superior connectivity with Mumbai, capital is eventually bound to flow into Ahmedabad from the commercial center of India possibly resulting in an appreciation in the price of apartments in Ahmedabad as well as an appreciation in the price of other real estate in the city.

A pertinent example to consider is that of Japan, the home of the bullet train, the same type of train expected to connect Ahmedabad with Mumbai. Such is the impact of the Shinkansen as the bullet train is called in Japan that cities which at one time were distant and separate today seem as one. Commuting between them by the Shinkansen a passenger may not glimpse any hint of countryside but rather a continuous commute via train surrounded by urban infrastructure on both sides of the train. It is as though two distant separate cities coalesced into one. This has huge ramifications for residential projects in Ahmedabad; in the not too distant future Ahmedabad may seem more akin to a suburb of Mumbai or the other way around. This is bound to have a huge impact on property in Ahmedabad and may even lead people to move into Ahmedabad with the intent to live while intending to work in Mumbai.

For the top builders in Ahmedabad such a transformation is likely to be welcomed as the city though as yet a sleepy major city could become the backdrop of frenzied real estate activity with capital inflows from its better known neighbor to the south. Some such top builders in Ahmedabad, in the future, could gain immensely by New projects in Ahmedabad better suited to the deeper wallets of citizens of Mumbai, or even to build projects in Ahmedabad targeted to a middle class homebuyer of Mumbai.

The impact of the Shinkansen on property in Ahmedabad is likely to be vast, yet if the project is profitable it is likely to lead to Mumbai and Ahmedabad becoming more like twin cities rather than the more distant cities they are today. Eventually, if like the metro, such a project is a success, we may likely expect Shinkansen trains to crisscross the entire nation changing the entire landscape as well as moving populations closer to one another.